History of NHCS

North Hills is beginning its 50th year of excellence in Christian education. The school has a rich heritage and continues to remain faithful to the mission upon which it was founded. In 1967, North Hills Christian School grew out of the shared vision of three families: the David B. Davis family, the Roger Harrison family, and the William Ryburn family. These families wanted to provide Rowan County and the surrounding areas with the choice of an educational setting that would be both educationally challenging and spiritually transforming.

The school opened its doors that first year to 28 students. Today, North Hills Christian serves approximately 315 students from Junior  Kindergarten – 12th grade as a Christian, Classical, co-ed, college-preparatory day school. North Hills Christian School offers daycare services before and after school. NHCS continues to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education as an extension of the Christian home-regardless of the race, gender, ethnic origin, or denomination of the students or parents.


"I had the privilege of knowing only one of the three founders of our school, Dave Davis (pictured at left).  Something I deeply admired about Mr. Davis, who lived to the age of 100, was his unwavering belief in the power of God's Word to speak to men.  Mr. Davis loved wordworking.  In his shop, he hung four large blue posters displaying Scripture passages.  When I asked why the beautiful posters were displayed in his workshop and not inside his home, Mr. Davis replied, 'When I was younger, I would spend a lot of time out here with other people.  Whenever someone comes to my house, I want to share God's Word with them.  His Scripture is powerful enough to speak to peoples' hearts whether they realize it or not.  So, I hung those there to tell people about Jesus.'  Anyone who knew Mr. Davis for more than a few minutes knew that his very life pointed to a loving Savior, and he was always prepared to share the Gospel with anyone who would listen.

Although Mr. Davis had no children of his own, he was committed to founding a school that would spread the message of salvation while teaching children to 'think biblically' about the world in which they live within an academically rigorous setting.  We are here today - nearly fifty years later - because Dave Davis, William Ryburn, and Roger Harrison labored to found an institution that would do so. 

Shortly before he died, Mr. Davis donated his beautiful posters to the school.  Today, they are framed and displayed in the Dave & Ruth Davis wing of our campus, as a reminder to 'hold forth the Word of life.'"

                                                   -Matt Mitchell, Former Head of School