Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The mission of North Hills Christian School is to "equip hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ."

Our Vision

NHCS seeks to provide a foundation built on a knowledge of TRUTH, guide students to develop qualities reflecting the CHARACTER of Jesus Christ, and provide opportunities for students to function as the body of Christ in SERVICE to God and in outreach to others.

Our Core Values

  • Biblical worldview: Desiderus Erasmus once noted, "All studies, philosophy, rhetoric are followed for this one subject, that we may know Christ and honor him. This is the end of all learning and eloquence." The faculty of NHCS heartily concur, and biblical worldview teaching is foundational to an NHCS education. We must prepare students who view political, moral, social, and other life issues "through the lens of Scripture." We strive to produce students who view the scholarly pursuit the way God would have us view it. While the Bible is by no means a science; mathematics; or art history textbook, it certainly does provide a framework for understanding each academic discipline. There is no such thing as neutrality when it comes to the academics pursuit, and NHCS provides an education that is grounded in biblical perspective. Further, all study of creation must point to its Creator.
  • Excellence: As a Christian school, we represent the name of Christ. Therefore, we are convinced that mediocrity is unacceptable. Being excellent is not optional. This affects everything from our hiring and instructional practices to our curriculum and teacher development programs to the way we love and support our students.
  • Scholarship: NHCS offers a multi-dimensional definition of academic scholarship. It would be easy to run an elite school comprised entirely of elite students. However, NHCS admits students with a range of academic ability - from the most gifted student to students with significant learning differences. We seek to represent the full body of Christ, preparing each and every student to achieve to his or her full God-given potential. On average, NHCS students score 2.5 years above grade level on nationally-normed standardized tests. The fact that our students achieve so well is particularly remarkable in light of the fact that the typical student is truly "average," and is reflective of the fact that our program is highly individualized to meet the needs of each student. Gifted students benefit from high quality honors and Advanced Placement programs in the upper school and tiered instruction in the lower school. Students with special needs and learning disabilities are supported by a pull-out program, as well. We strive to ensure that our academic program remains robust, rigorous, and relevant - individually customized to meet the needs of every student.
  • Leadership: In order to fulfill our school's mission "to impact the world for Christ," it is important that we produce intellectual Christian thinkers who are well-prepared to lead and serve in their respective life callings. By providing opportunities for students to organize and plan events, belong to and take office in clubs and co-curricular activities, and serve in student government, NHCS provides ample opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.
  • Service: If learning does not move students to action, then it is futile. Therefore, NHCS students are urged to apply what they learn in the classroom to make a difference in the world outside of it. The faculty of NHCS place significant emphasis upon service. Our desire is to produce students who not only become intellectual Christian thinkers and leaders, but young men and women who also use their knowledge and studies to serve others as ambassadors of the Kingdom.
  • Character: As we learn about science, math, history, or the fine arts, we also learn about our Creator.  Therefore, study of these subjects should result in deeper knowledge of God which, in turn, produces character. This emphasis on character building also affects how we discipline. We believe that, just as discipline in the home is tailored to the individual needs of a child, so should discipline in a Christian school reach the heart of the child. Since God created each child as a unique being, we believe it is important that our disciplinary measures be tailored to the needs of the child. Otherwise, punishment becomes an end to itself. As a faculty, our goal is to produce correction, not punishment.
  • Innovation: We are commitcommittedntinuous improvement and ongoing innovation. Regularly, NHCS faculty members visit conferences and other schools of excellence around the nation in order to learn from them and spark creative fresh ideas that may be implemented at NHCS. Our curriculum is on a five-year review cycle, which ensures that we are constantly refreshing and reviewing our educational standards and practices, implementing time-tested and emerging best practices from around the globe. Recent innovations at NHCS include our high school one-to-one tablet PC program, the birth of a move towards educational pedagogy that is more classical in nature, and the implementation of Singapore math.
  • Supportive community: Ask anyone who has had their children at NHCS for a year or two, and they will tell you that our community is one where grace and love abound. We consider ourselves a family. Not only do students develop incredible bonds with instructors, but our parents and faculty bond together, as well. Once a family joins the NHCS family, the school provides many opportunities for family involvement.