Graduation Project

The mission of North Hills Christian School is to equip hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ. In an effort to achieve the school's mission, each student must complete a series of leadership and service experiences in order to graduate.

The cumulative graduation project must be completed by all students completing the requirements for a career preparatory or a college / university preparatory diploma.  As a condition of enrollment at NHCS, students are expected to read the student handbook, and to sign a statement that they have read the student handbook.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student, not the school, to ensure that he/she fulfills the requirements for this project.  Students should proactively work with their instructors, upper school principal, and school administration to ensure that all requirements are met.

Please see the checklist (right hand column, above) for more guidelines.

The following co-curricular requirements for graduation will be mandatory:

  • Research paper (topic to be approved) exploring a potential career.  The topic should be meaty (i.e. “A literature review of the ethical implications of stem cell research,” not “nursing”).  The paper must be at least eight pages in length and must reference at least eight sources using MLA format.
  • Personal portfolio of all significant work from grades 9 -12 with reflections upon information learned in all courses, including10 artifacts of exemplary work for each core subject.  The purpose of this portfolio is not only to highlight achievement, but also to highlight growth.  For instance, a student may choose to concentrate on improving in a weakness in written communication skills, and select items to add to the portfolio that trace the student’s growth over the course of their High School career.
  • Leadership project (idea must be approved by the upper school principal that is implemented and completed during grades 11-12.                                            
  • Community service reflection paper of their high school career and documentation of their senior year community service hours.
  • Oral presentation delivered in final semester before graduation reviewing and explaining all of the acquired materials (must be reviewed by at least two faculty representatives).