Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Because of our program that allows for teaching in tiers, elementary gifted students have the opportunity to advance through the curriculum at a faster pace.  Additionally, NHCS offers many dedicated honors and Advanced Placement (AP ®) courses for middle and high school students.

Middle School Honors Courses

 NHCS currently offers the following dedicated honors courses in middle school:

  7 8
Science X X
Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I
History X X
Language Arts X X


High School Honors and Advanced Placement ® Courses

In the high school (grades 9-12), honors or AP ® courses are offered in all core subjects. (Note: Rather than honors courses, NHCS honors students take the next level of math beyond grade level).

For detailed information about our traditional regular, honors, or AP ® course offerings, or for information about dual enrollment and AP ® partners' course offerings, please visit the following links:


Honors Academy

The rigorous and challenging Honors Academy is reserved exclusively for academically gifted students.  

The curriculum includes the study of the great works of Western Civilization and is designed to develop students’ thinking and eloquent expression of ideas.  In addition to two years of Humanities at the honors level (a blend of English and History with emphasis upon our Western Heritage), the program will require four AP ® courses; at least three years of foreign language; honors level courses in Logic, Rhetoric (eloquent expression), and the Great Philosophers; as well as the option of additional honors, AP ®, and dual enrollment courses.  Coursework will frequently utilize the study of primary sources over textbooks or abridged reading materials.   

The existing North Hills Christian School high school program continues alongside the Honors Academy.  The Honors Academy is currently accepting applications for rising freshmen for the 2016-2017 school year. For more information, contact Katie Campbell, Director of Recruitment and Retention by e-mail at kcampbell@northhillschristian.com or by phone at 704-636-3005 ext. 109.