Middle School

While NHCS elementary students take a sampling of a variety of courses, middle school begins to become more focused.  In addition to taking courses in physical education, students can choose between visual arts or drama and between chorus or concert band. Middle school students are required to take Latin.

Beginning in grade six, students who qualify may have the opportunity to take honors courses.  The school uses an A/B scheduling method in grades 7 & 8.  What this means is that, in subject areas where sequence is unimportant (i.e. you can take US History before you take world history, or you can take world history before you take US History - it doesn't matter), the school offers one course on an "A" year and the other course on a "B" year.  This structure enables us to offer both an honors section and a standard section of every core course except for Bible. 

Students in courses where the A/B scheduling matrix has been applied will enjoy interaction with a wider variety of peers since they will have some of their classes with both seventh and eighth graders.  At NHCS, this A/B structure is also used in grades 9/10 and 11/12.  For information about honors classes at NHCS middle school, please visit our AP and honors program webpage.

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