College Guidance

We are committed to a four year high school guidance relationship with each of our students.

High school students receive regular and personal guidance services from our Guidance Counselor.  In addition to an annual fall  meeting with students and parents to discuss college planning each student meets with our school's counselor bi-annually.  We are always available to help students as needed throughout the year with college admission requirements, high school career planning, college financial aid application procedures, college selection, and personal counseling.

Beginning with the high school admissions interview for new students, the school's administration will discuss expectations of our college preparatory program.  For both new and returning students, the administration will:

  • Articulate and implement for each student and parents a comprehensive and individualized communication.
  • Guide each student toward tracks and selection of courses which will enhance that student’s range of choices for college and university admission.
  • Conduct guidance through appointments with individual students and their families.
  • Educate and make available to each family the tools and resources to help them evaluate colleges and universities.
  • Educate each family regarding the range of financial aid opportunities and sources available.
  • Actively participate in the process of facilitating and achieving acceptance at colleges and universities.