Student Government

Purpose, Background, & Selection

NHCS uses a system of student government that is comprised of prefects. The term prefect is derived from the Latin word “prefectus,” which literally means “make in front.”  In the academic setting, prefects are leaders—often upperclassmen—who possess a high degree of commitment to the school’s values and ideals. They are capable of overseeing the work in their designated areas and managing the students involved therein. The emphasis of their selection and assignments is service, not privilege.  Student prefects are given limited authority over their peers, a portion of the school, and/or a particular role within the school.  Rather than relying upon vaguely defined areas of authority, as in other forms of student government, prefects are asked to lead specific, well-defined areas of the school. 

Student prefects are selected and invited to serve by the Administration after being nominated by the school’s faculty.  Teachers provide Administration with names of students who are well-suited for each post, giving upper classmen priority consideration over lower classmen.  If a teacher feels that an upper classman is not particularly suited for a position, he or she may move down to the next class.

In addition to helping set these positions apart as worthy of honor, the faculty-driven selection process is utilized in an effort to ensure that prefects are assigned based upon skill and warrant for a specific position rather than student friendships.  Further, in years when a highly desirable candidate is not available to fill each position, then the position may temporarily cease to exist.  Prefects serve for a period of one year.  

The posts to which prefects are invited each year may vary or change as the school’s needs change.  For the 2016-2017 school year, North Hills Christian School has selected prefect leaders to serve in the following areas:Admissions, Academics, Community Service, Student Life, Student Honor Committee Chair, Athletics, Communications and Building and Grounds.  The Administration also selects a “Head Prefect” (using nominations from the faculty) who is responsible for ensuring that each prefect functions according to their role.   Although prefects are assigned leadership of a particular post, they should also be prepared to assist in all of the other prefects’ assigned areas.