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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

As we continue remote learning- please click on the bold grade to watch a short video.  This is a great way to see our teachers in action and allow your student to "visit" the classroom.  

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

The Kindergarten through 5th Grade program at NHCS is exceptional.  Our teachers are among the best, and fundamental to our philosophy of education is a belief that hyper-standardization is harming the quality of American education.  At North Hills Christian School, we have designed a program that enables us to teach students, not classes.

North Hills Christian School offers a unique approach to learning for gifted and special needs students.  Therefore, we offer a high degree of individualization for each child we serve.

In grades K-5, students benefit from a learning environment that allows students to be challenged in areas where they excel and to receive additional remediation in areas where they do not.  Based upon thorough analysis of grades, test score data, entrance examinations, and teacher recommendations, students who score more than two years above grade level in mathematics or reading may take an advanced elementary school curriculum that will challenge them with a curriculum beyond their grade-level.  For learners in grades 1-5 who are at grade level or below, instruction is tiered to meet their needs. 

Please note that, by narrowing the scope of need in a single classroom, this program also positively affects all students - including those who are gifted, "on target," and struggling.

As a school with  five decades of educational experience, our families trust that the education their children are getting is outstanding.  And, our testing outcomes demonstrate we are successfully meeting the child "were they are".  However, we also want to be sure that we thoroughly communicate with our parents, enabling us to work as a team in educating the children we serve.   If you have questions about a specific area of the curriculum, please do not hesitate to call, email, or setup an appointment to talk. 

Finally, we also hope you will take time to learn more about our school's implementation of classical elements into the paradigm for Christian education.  It is our pleasure to serve you and your children!


Kindergarten- Mrs. Ward

Kindergarten- Mrs. Hunt

1st Grade- Mrs. Gurley

2nd Grade- Mrs. Harper

2nd Grade- Mrs. Teague

3rd Grade- Mrs. Wilson

4th Grade- Mrs. Galloway

5th Grade- Mrs. Hunsucker

5th Grade- Mrs. Rogers


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