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COVID-19- Communications From Mr. Weaver- updated 3/27/2020


Messages from Mr. Weaver

March 27, 2020

Greetings, NHCS Students and Families! 

Attached you will find the Middle and High School Zoom Conference Schedules - it is one document with both schedules. I would recommend highlighting the courses and times relevant to your family, as this document has the conference times for all teachers in Middle and High School. Just a couple of things to note with these video conferences:

- Video Conferences are NOT mandatory. They are opportunities to check in with teachers live and receive immediate feedback on work.

- Video conferences are meant to be used for support, and not direct instruction. Teachers will be uploading instructional videos on topics for the week on Monday! 

- If you are unable to get online at the time scheduled, please contact your teachers via email to let them know, so that they can work with you! 

-Teacher are still available via email during the school day, and will respond to requests and questions within 24 hours! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and your support through this! Praying for all of you. 

Middle and High School Zoom Conference Schedules


Student Work Submission Details - Weeks 1 & 2

Hello Again Families!

Thanks so much for doing all that you are doing to help and support us! We have been thinking of and praying for all of you – we miss you! I wanted to reach out again to let you know some specifics around submission of student work for these past two weeks. 

Unless otherwise specified from teachers, work from the last 2 weeks should be submitted by Monday, March 30, by 3:00pm. For submission of work, students have two options – digital or in-person.

-          For digital submission, take pictures of or scan any written work or papers, and attach them in emails to your teachers – please title pictures or scanned images appropriately to help teachers stay organized. 

-          For in-person submission, feel free to drop by the school on Monday, March 30th between the hours of 9am and 3pm – we’ll have “drop boxes” for Lower School, Middle School, and High School at the Front Office that you can drop work into, and we’ll sort it by discipline and get it to the right people! Please secure students’ work with paper clips, folders, etc…so it all stays together!

-          Student should submit ONLY work that they have completed up to March 30th – if they are still working on items, they should reach out to their teachers to establish new deadlines for their work…however, we would highly recommend they attempt to complete work by this weekend, as we’ll be beginning a new week of work on Monday, March 30th. We don’t want students to get behind!

-         Teachers will update the grade book with these grades, but may take a bit longer than usual, as they're working through quite a few assignments from the past two weeks! 


I'll be sending out two more emails with specifics on instruction beginning next Monday, March 30th! Keep an eye out for each, coming later this afternoon. 

Instructional Updates, Continued - Zoom Video Conferencing

Hi All, 

Teachers will be available on ZOOM video conferences for each class, once per week, per class at consistent times. Students should download the ZOOM application and create an account in order to video chat with teachers. They can do so by going to and following the prompts!

       - These chat sessions are for additional support/class specific questions – instructional videos will be pre-recorded, and not live!

       - These video chat session are NOT mandatory, and are intended only to help and support students' learning! Students may 'check-in' for a few minutes, or stay for the whole session.

If your child does not have access to a device to participate in online learning/conferencing activities please email Matt Ward at 

Video Conferencing Schedules are still being finalized; I will send these out by the end of this week! 

Upper School Instructional Updates beginning Monday, March 30th - Google Classroom

Hi All,                                                                                         

New Procedures/Processes Beginning Next Week–  we’ll be implementing Google Classroom and Zoom Video Instruction. Here’s what you can expect!

Administration has created Google Classrooms for each teacher, and will be adding students to these classrooms on Friday, March 27th. Students will receive an email in their SCHOOL  email account inviting them to join each class.

Google Classrooms will be the primary means of communication from teacher to student, and teachers will utilize Renweb to communicate daily objectives and due dates for parents.

Google Classroom allows teachers to create assignments, announcements, link resource videos, and provide class discussion boards all in one place.

Google Classroom is VERY intuitive and easy to use - the first time a student joins a class, Google offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to use each feature. If your student  needs help learning the process, here are teachers who can help:

High School: Mr. Templeton (

Middle School: Ms. Vickers (

Students will submit all future work through Google Classroom beginning next Monday, March 30th, and teachers will provide grading feedback and other feedback through Google classroom.

Renweb Gradebook will still be utilized by teachers, and will be updated in a timely manner as students submit work. Please allow teachers some time to grade assignments completed over these past two weeks!

Teachers will be uploading videos to talk students through the details of the week, via Google Classroom so that students can watch (and re-watch) what’s expected of them!

Teachers will be uploading instructional videos on the topics for the week beginning on Monday, March 30th – they should be uploading roughly 1-2 videos per week, depending on the amount of information covered in each video. These videos will be linked into Google Classrooms.

Stay tuned for a 3rd Email Detailing Zoom Conferencing Details! 



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