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Mission,  Vision, Values

Every effective organization is clear on their mission, vision and values. Although they may not be formally written down, they are very clearly communicated and observed by the leadership.  At North Hills Christian School, we have made an effort to be very deliberate with each of these including our strategic plan. Over the years, the Board and leadership of the school have worked on and refined the mission, vision, values and strategic plan. These are very important beacons for us. All of our strategies, decisions and plans are filtered through the following mission, vision and core values.

Our Mission

The mission of North Hills Christian School is to "equip hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ."

Our Vision

NHCS seeks to provide a foundation built on a knowledge of TRUTH, guide students to develop qualities reflecting the CHARACTER of Jesus Christ, and provide opportunities for students to function as the body of Christ in SERVICE to God and in outreach to others.

Our Core Values

Kingdom Focus     |     Respect and Integrity     |     Leadership Through Service