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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

“All who are gifted artisans among you shall come and make all that the Lord has commanded.” Exodus 35:10

Upper School Art classes have a greater focus on technical mastery related to various media such as paint, clay, pen and ink. Students are asked to keep a sketchbook as they prepare for more involved problem solving. Evaluation is based on students’ attitude, effort and their application of concepts from class. Exposure to the critique process is also a vital part of the journey toward self-expression and confidence. Students discuss their own work, the work of their peers, and evaluate how they fit into the larger world. Exhibition opportunities are presented to students as well. The goal is to prepare them for High School Art.

Building off their Middle School foundation, High School Art classes have a greater focus on technical mastery and conceptual development. Students are asked to keep a sketchbook as they develop more involved problem-solving. Portfolio development for those who plan to attend university art programs is stressed. Exhibition opportunities are greater for students at this level. Finally, they continue the important process of critiquing and writing about their own and their peers’ art work while exploring artwork from the past and present. Artist visits and field trip to museums and galleries are provided.

With  iPad carts, students are now able to incorporate cutting edge technology into our art classes at NHCS by allowing our students access to apps and interactive experiences. The visual arts department uses the iPad devices to enhance learning by allowing students the opportunity to practice, research, and study about the process, techniques, elements, principles, and artists they are learning about in class. We are excited to add this capability to our art department and look forward to using this opportunity to enhance the hands-on art experience needed to create a dynamic understanding and appreciation of art.

The  visual arts program at NHCS looks forward to continuing our participation in the annual student art exhibition sponsored by the WaterworksVisual Arts Center. Waterworks, located in Rowan County, is considered a non-collecting art museum. Waterworks strives to be a leader and innovator in the exhibition of art and in museum education. We are honored to be involved with this prestigious organization.