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Tiered Instruction

North Hills Christian School offers a unique approach to learning for gifted and special needs students.  

We offer a high degree of individualization for each child we serve. In grades K-5, students benefit from a learning environment that allows students to be challenged in areas where they excel and to receive additional remediation in areas where they do not.  Based upon thorough analysis of grades, test score data, entrance examinations, and teacher recommendations, students who score above grade level in mathematics or reading may take an advanced elementary school curriculum that will challenge them with a curriculum beyond their grade-level.  For learners in grades 1-5 who are at grade level or below, instruction is tiered to meet their needs. 

Gifted 7th & 8th-grade students are challenged by a dedicated track for honors courses in most areas. High school students may choose between , Advanced Placement, Honors courses and dual enrollment at local colleges and universities.