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In 2017 upper school students were first introduced to theatrical studies. First semester drama students learn the basic of theater. The Reader's Theater teaches actors how to improvise and take on the mindset of the character they will be playing. Students learn how to develop character, determine the idea, and self-perform.

Students begin with the memorization of a skit. This process builds confidence within the actors and allows them to prepare for a much more difficult play. Students are introduced to character development, blocking, plots and resolution.

Five weeks of the year are focused on the introduction of Shakespeare. Students read chosen plays and travel to The Norvell Theater to see a Shakespearean play performed by their actors. The reading and viewing of said performance allows our students to experience and understand the language of Shakespeare.

Drama is a wonderful addition to the weekly chapel program as students occasionally perform Scripture-based skits.

The drama class also performs at the Christmas and Spring Fine Arts Performances each year and in 2018, upper school drama students will perform "Christmas in Black and White," their first musical in collaboration with students in chorus.