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Mission, Impact, and Growth

"To equip the hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ.” What better way to impact the world than through students from all around the world.  North Hills Christian School started an international program many years ago with just a few international students.  It has now grown and impacted more countries than the founders could have ever anticipated.  We now have North Hills Christian School graduates on virtually every continent. Our hope is that they will all be ambassadors for Christian education across the globe.

An additional benefit of our exchange program is the rich diversity the exchange students bring to our campus. The presence of international students exposes our local students to other languages and cultural norms. Interacting and befriending our exchange students helps give our local students confidence in reaching out to others who may be different from them. The interactions are a great experience and teaching tool for our own students to impact the world.

Education and Support

International students come to NHCS seeking quality Christian education in a caring environment.  We partner with AEEC, (American Education Exchange Center) a China based agency for international students.  AEEC provides the students with an American coordinator for their local needs, and a Chinese agent for connection to their family, monetary support, and guidance.  Our guidance counselor, Matthew Weaver, also helps these students in their academic journey at North Hills Christian School, including college admissions for those who choose to continue their education in America. NHCS administration has discussed plans for growth in the International Program.  We hope to increase on-campus support for students, and to connect with other international student agencies in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Host Homes

Without a doubt, the most valuable asset to the International Program is our host home families.  Students come to America with hopes of finding a family who will house and help support them in their journey through high school.  As a school, we know that hosting these students is a chance to partner in international missions.  We have a community of parents who either have hosted or are currently hosting a student.


If you are interested in hosting, please call the school at 704-636-3005 ext. 109.