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Our chorus program is designed to produce students who will be able to develop their voices while singing in a choral ensemble. They will learn to read music and be exposed to the basics of music history, genres and a variety of musical styles. During this process, they will develop self-discipline, concentration, and cooperation. Students will develop their singing voice which involves breathing technique, articulation, and good tone. They will also learn to follow a choral score and sight-sing pitches, rhythm, and dynamics. They will also gain experience in singing solo and harmonic parts. Students will be exposed to and appreciate various genres of music.

Students are able to demonstrate vocal and musical techniques in our annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Students perform at the ACSI choral festival in the spring , Carowinds Music Festival and observe other competing choral groups as well.

In the fall of 2018, upper school chorus students performed "Christmas in Black and White," their first musical in collaboration with drama students.