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Strategic Plan

The NHCS board of directors gathers annually to plan and review the strategic plan for the school.  

As a policy board, one of the major responsibilities is to always be forward looking. One of the ways we accomplish this is by periodically reviewing our strategic plan. The board is tasked with reviewing the strategic plan and updating our goals as needed.

This year we reaffirmed that there were no major changes in our previously developed strategy. We did take some time to sharpen the focus of our strategic goals as well as further leverage the staff to refine future tasks and objectives.   Pictorially, we share our strategic plan with the graphic below.

The graphic, a building, represents that everything we do is built on the foundation of our Core Values. The Core Values have been in place for several years and remain unchanged. Additionally, providing a roof over all that we do, all of our actions and plans should be in service of our mission statement, “equipping the hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ”. Moving back to the bottom of what we are calling the Parthenon, the structure through which we will accomplish our mission is represented by the three foundational pillars of Equipping the Mind, Equipping the Body and Equipping the Soul. I’m sure you recognize that the three pillars reflect the organizational structure of NHCS; Mrs. Kristen Sabia and Dr. Chris Crabtree, our upper school and lower school principals overseeing the effort of equipping the mind, Mr. Andy Brannigan, Athletic Director focusing on equipping the body and Mrs. Shari Evans, Spiritual Life Director coordinating and leading the effort of equipping the soul. Finally, you see the six major goals which provide the filter through which the administration will make all plans and decisions. The six goals form the framework for the tactical plans that have been created to help us accomplish our mission.

Although not the most important strategic goal, but one that is necessary for the accomplishment of all of the other goals, Maintain and update a campus that supports the school’s changing needs, is focused on making sure our campus is up to date and prepared for the future. The long range nature of this particular goal requires the board to constantly be planning for the future. I am excited to share with you the direction the Board has planned out for the future.

Phase 1:  The first phase, the Davis Wing, was completed in 2015. This addition provided a much need update to our building as well as allowing us to expand our AIM program, upgrade our arts and music program and provide a modern science classroom. To support our sports program, this phase was followed up with an updating of our gym; new wood floor, new air-conditioning and new LED lighting.

Phase 2a:  The growth of the high school is so encouraging. As the high school grows, so grows the opportunities for the entire school. I am excited to announce that we are making plans to add four classrooms to the high school. We hope to start construction spring of 2018. Additionally, the remainder of the high school will receive a much needed facelift. This addition will be funded through a financing arrangement.

Phase 2b:  The next project would involve the Helen Kelley Smith Gymnasium. To better support our special events, drama and sports programs, we are master planning an upgrade and addition to the gymnasium. The addition will allow for a weight room, a multi-purpose room for cafeteria and staging area for drama productions. The upgrades will include a permanent stage, sound system, theatrical lighting and a covered entrance. Our desire is to secure funding for this project through donations.

Phase 3:  Possibly as early as the 2019/2020 school year, we could be looking at an addition to the Davis Wing. The Davis wing was originally designed to be expanded. An expansion would add additional classrooms which would be used for lower school and middle school classrooms. This addition would be funded through enrollment growth.

Phase 4: In the five to ten year range, our architect has master planned a campus design that would allow the construction of a two story building where the current middle school mobile units are located. The plan would be for this new building to be the high school and the middle school would move into the newly renovated high school.

Phase 5:  Finally, we would build a dedicated auditorium. A dedicated auditorium would provide opportunities for events, productions, musicals and chapels.

Just to be transparent, with the exception of the four classroom expansion of the high school, none of the phases just described have been finalized with construction drawings. They are a vision, a very necessary and exciting vision. Just as you need to have an idea of where you are headed when you leave for a trip, the school needs to know what our plans are should the Lord continue to bless the school.

This is such an exciting time for North Hills Christian School. God has blessed this school in so many ways. I’m so excited to share with you the vision and possibilities the future holds. Please pray for wisdom as we seek God’s guidance for the future.