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Staff and Faculty

  Name Title
Gloria Alexander Alexander, Gloria Instructor's Aide
Michelle Allen Allen, Michelle HS Art Instructor
Lisa Alume Alume, Lisa 2nd Grade Instructor
Brett Arrowood Arrowood, Brett Athletic Director
Dana Birkhead Birkhead, Dana Instructor's Aide
Carmen Bjerke Bjerke, Carmen Instructor's Aide
Donna Boger Boger, Donna 6th Grade Math Instructor
Samantha Brooks Brooks, Samantha 7th/8th Science Instructor
Camden Bryant Bryant, Camden Instructor's Aide
Meredith Carl Carl, Meredith 1st Grade Instructor
Alicia Carpenter Carpenter, Alicia HS Math/Science Instructor
Raymond Carter Carter, Raymond Director of Marketing and Communications
Connie Clark Clark, Connie HS Spanish Instructor
Susan Colosanti Colosanti, Susan Instructor's Aide
Pamela Cook Cook, Pamela Accounting Assistant
Amanda Crabtree Crabtree, Amanda AIM Instructor
Christopher Crabtree Crabtree, Christopher High School Principal
Abigail Cummings Cummings, Abigail Instructor's Aide
Laura Denison Denison, Laura Substitute Teacher
Michaelyn Dorin Dorin, Michaelyn Kindergarten Instructor
Michelle Droddy Droddy, Michelle 5th/6th Grade Instructor
KiSaundra Drye Drye, KiSaundra Instructor's Aide/Aftercare
Nicole Eagle Eagle, Nicole Director of Advancement
Amanda Eby Eby, Amanda Teacher's Aide
Shari Evans Evans, Shari Spiritual Life and Guidance Director
Jennifer Finkler Finkler, Jennifer Instructor's Aide
Bradon "Brady" Finney Finney, Bradon "Brady" 4th Grade Instructor
Tabitha Flaherty Flaherty, Tabitha AIM Instructor
Melodie Fleming Fleming, Melodie HS Bible Instructor
Nathan Frieze Frieze, Nathan HS Bible Instructor
Gina Garvey Garvey, Gina Jr. Kindergarten Instructor
Dawn Gilland Gilland, Dawn 6th Grade Science Instructor
Keeley Gilmore Gilmore, Keeley 4th Grade Instructor
Heidi Haas Haas, Heidi School Nurse
Sabrina Harper Harper, Sabrina AIM Instructor
Kelly Hawkins Hawkins, Kelly HS History/Bible Instructor/AIM Math Instructor
James Howe Howe, James Band Instructor
Leslie Hunsucker Hunsucker, Leslie 7th/8th Math Instructor
Jodi Hunt Hunt, Jodi HS English Instructor
Linda Hunt Hunt, Linda AIM Instructor
Tamara Ingold Ingold, Tamara Substitute Teacher
Jill Jones Jones, Jill Instructor's Aide
Kevin Kent Kent, Kevin HS History Instructor
Joseph Lloyd Lloyd, Joseph HS Math/STEM Instructor
Kelly Lookadoo Lookadoo, Kelly Executive Assistant
Maria Lowder Lowder, Maria Executive Director
Constance McGrail McGrail, Constance HS Math Instructor
Hannah McLaughlin McLaughlin, Hannah Kindergarten Instructor
Gina McMasters McMasters, Gina Music/MS Chorus Instructor
Anabel Melgar Melgar, Anabel Jr. Kindergarten Instructor
Teresa Miller Miller, Teresa Lower School Administrative Assistant
Whitley Morrow Morrow, Whitley Bible/Counselor Intern
Catherine Odom Odom, Catherine 7th/8th Language Arts Instructor
Jeannie Ogg Ogg, Jeannie Recruitment & Retention Director
Michael Owens Owens, Michael Art Teacher
Reina Papp Papp, Reina 5th/6th Grade Instructor
Sonya Parrish Parrish, Sonya Receptionist
Matthew Pereira Pereira, Matthew AIM Instructor
Kimberly Pittard Pittard, Kimberly Director of Finance
Doris Plummer Plummer, Doris AIM Assistant Director
Kaylee Ponds Ponds, Kaylee Instructor's Aide
Amber Richard Richard, Amber AIM Instructor
Hope Riley Riley, Hope Jr. Kindergarten Instructor
Angela Robbins Robbins, Angela AIM Instructor
Shaye Roberts Roberts, Shaye AIM Instructor's Aide
Cloe Rogers Rogers, Cloe Instructor's Aide
Rebekah Rogers Rogers, Rebekah HS Spanish Instructor
Stacey Rogers Rogers, Stacey 1st Grade Instructor
Kristen Sabia Sabia, Kristen Lower School Principal
Jessica Shaw Shaw, Jessica 1st Grade Instructor
Dotty Shinn Shinn, Dotty 3rd Grade Instructor
Christina Sinclair Sinclair, Christina Coordinator of Curriculum & Assessment
Dewayne Smith Smith, Dewayne PE Instructor
Shameka Smith Smith, Shameka 7th/8th Bible Instructor
Stacey Teague Teague, Stacey 2nd Grade Instructor
Suzanne Thibodeau Thibodeau, Suzanne Upper School Administrative Assistant
Shanon Vickers Vickers, Shanon 7th/8th History/Lead Instructor
Kristi Ward Ward, Kristi Kindergarten Instructor
Matthew Ward Ward, Matthew Maintenance/Technology Director
Judy Wellmon Wellmon, Judy AIM Instructor
Eric West West, Eric Dean of Students
Christy Wilson Wilson, Christy 3rd Grade Instructor
Kristie Wooten Wooten, Kristie 2nd Grade Instructor
Jessica Wright Wright, Jessica AIM Director
Robyn Zickmund Zickmund, Robyn Title 1 Reading Instructor