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Annual Fund


Leave Your Mark


Dear North Hills Christian School Families and Partners,

As we began this 2020-2021 school year, things were a little different, and things continue to be a little different.

Classrooms have been reconfigured to accommodate for social distancing; faculty, staff and students are wearing face coverings and checking their temperatures before entering a building; and students are eating in their classrooms instead of gathering in the gym. We all miss coming together to worship in the Rev. Bill Adams Chapel. Students are used to traveling across campus to their classrooms, but this year, the teachers are moving across campus to teach their classes. Traditionally the soccer field and the Helen Kelley Smith Gymnasium are full of cheering fans, but fans are limited this year.

As I think about all the changes that have happened over the past six months, the thoughts of, “What is this doing to our students, our families, our community?” have crossed my mind many, many times. What mark is this leaving for years to come? When can we go back to the way things used to be?

Then I am quickly reminded of our 2020-2021 theme, Leave Your Mark. This pandemic is not the only thing leaving its mark on our families and communities. With your support, lives will be positively impacted for eternity. The love of Jesus Christ, love and respect for others, and the life-changing academic value of a Christian education will continue to be left in the lives of thousands. The worldwide pandemic will be forgotten over time, but the connections made at North Hills Christian School, academically, spiritually, and relationally will never be forgotten.

Since 1967, North Hills Christian School has been leaving its mark. Many people have given sacrificially to both grow and sustain this ministry in various ways. What better way to leave your mark on the lives of children for generations to come. Supporting NHCS has allowed buildings to be built and programs to be added. But most importantly, the mark of Jesus Christ has been left on thousands of lives. This is a mark that will never be removed or forgotten because once people have been introduced to Jesus Christ, they will never forget who He is. Matthew 24:35 reads, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Word will not pass away.”

By supporting NHCS financially, you are leaving a positive mark that will carry on for generations. Because of you, North Hills Christian School is fulfilling its mission of “equipping the hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ.”

Thank you for your continued support.

For Him,
Nikki Eagle
Director of Advancement


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