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School Board

Over the past several years, the board has evolved from an operational board to the more preferred model used by exemplary ACSI schools, a policy board. Several years ago, as an operational board, the board would be involved in many of the day to day operational decisions such as interviewing and hiring new teachers or handling parental concerns . Today, as a policy board, they have one employee, the Executive Director. The board delegates all authority for day to day operations to the Executive Director and their team with the understanding that decisions must be made within established policy guidelines. As a policy board, the board sets strategy, approves school policy, monitors finances, approves the budget/tuition and through the Executive Director monitors the overall health of the school.

The board also works through a number of committees to provide guidance and oversight. Each of the committees has at least one board member on the committee. The current committees are:  Policy Committee, Finance Committee, Athletic Strategy Committee, Resource Development Committee, Academic Strategy Committee and Facilities Committee.

When looking for board members, there is a vetting process that takes place. First and foremost, we look for board members who are committed to our mission and values through involvement with the school, prayer support and financial support. As part of the vetting process, potential board members are interviewed and their testimonies are heard as they are prayerfully considered. Ideally, we would like for a board member to have previously been involved in a committee capacity. We look for board members who can bring a unique set of skills to the board, i.e., spiritual wisdom, accounting skills, legal skills, management skills . We also look for board members who have wisdom and can step back and bring a broad perspective to the board. As we try to reflect the body of Christ, we look for diversity of life experiences in our board members. As we strive to have a diversity of viewpoints, potential board members may or may not have a child who attends the school or have a direct connection to the school. As the selection process is brought to a close, potential candidates are brought before the entire board for an interview prior to a final vote being cast. We believe our process provides the best opportunity for the school to gain the wisdom and expertise needed to guide the school.