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Time For Reflection

March 15, 2021
By Doris Plummer

It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since the first order to quarantine.  At the time, I don’t think we realized how our lives would change so quickly and for such an extended period of time… but it happened.  And as we hit the one year mark, I am asking a poignant question…. How am I different as a result of the experiences of the last year? How has it impacted me, especially in my relationship with others?

The world of plexiglass, masks,  social distancing, remote learning and constant sanitizing has allowed us to be on campus, which is a definite blessing.  However, this world has also impacted relationships.  So many people felt a necessary but very difficult separation from loved ones during this pandemic.  Many have lost friends or loved ones as a result of complications from the virus.  Times of celebrating milestones were often impacted, like celebrating graduations, weddings, birthdays, and even funerals.  Humans are supposed to be social beings, and many have really struggled with the isolation that covid has imposed on their lives.  So I asked the North Hills staff for comments about what they had learned as a result of the pandemic about relationships with others.  One teacher commented, “The time spent in quarantine with my family helped me understand my teenagers better through discussions about life that we may not have had time for if we had not been quarantined.  I have learned to listen to them more instead of trying to fix things for them.”  Another said, “I have learned to not let busy schedules or distance impact my relationships with loved ones.  After losing a close family member to covid, we are truly making a more deliberate effort to keep in touch with others.”  Another stated a similar message: “This past year I have spent more time at home with my family, talking, laughing and playing family board and card games.  I’ve been much better at reaching out to friends and family that aren’t close by, to touch base, check in, and just say ‘Hi’.”  Surprise driveway drive-by visits have been a wonderful thing.  You can see the smiles, even WITH our masks on!  I’ve been more intentional with my prayers and with fostering friendships and supporting those in need… Above all, I’ve been very THANKFUL for all that God has done and continues to do to bless us each day.”  Another response gave great advice that we all can benefit from: “I count it a privilege to be able to walk alongside our students during something like this… that none of us have experienced before.  What a great opportunity to demonstrate how relying on God is KEY to any situation!  I have realized that I miss seeing faces and hugging, but God allows for other ways to show love and stay in touch.  If we look for the positives in each situation, we will see that God continually blesses and allows His children to shine His light to others.”

Take a few moments to evaluate what God has taught you as a result of your experiences over the past year.  Is there anything you could be doing better?

Praise God for the lessons learned… and pray for the lessons still to be learned as we continue on in this different world.