NHCS provides an academically challenging curriculum that enables every student to achieve to his or her full God-given potential.  We value scholarship and individualization of learning. The school offers a tiered learning environment, individualized instruction, comprehensive core, and robust offerings in fine arts, foreign language, and technology.  Our results? On average, NHCS students score approximately 2.5 years above grade level on nationally-normed standardized tests. Our school holds the highest average high school SAT score, and students are well-prepared for admission to highly selective colleges and universities.

The curriculum of North Hills Christian School (NHCS) is biblically integrated. From science and math to foreign language and music, our students learn about God's world and how to apply their knowledge of that world as they serve Him. We believe that the central focus of Christian education must be to help students see the world through the lens of Scripture, and to apply the knowledge they gain in school to impact the world for Christ. Yet, we also firmly believe that "All truth is God's truth," so we use a wide range of the best textbooks available – from both Christian and non-Christian publishers.

Gifted elementary students enjoy the opportunity to participate in an accelerated curriculum.  For academically gifted high school students, we tailor a plan that allows them to take multiple AP®, honors, and dual enrollment college courses. Struggling students benefit from our highly individualized program through a tiered and differentiated instructional program, a high degree of teacher support, tutoring, and learning assistance to students who have documented learning differences.

Presently, North Hills Christian School is in the process of transitioning towards classical schooling.  This transition will affect both the instructional pedagogy as well as the content of our school's curriculum.  For more information, please visit the section of our website entitled "About Classical Schooling," which is located under the "About Us" tab.

Additionally, you can learn more about what is taught at each grade level, by clicking the junior kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school links at left.