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  Name Title
Gloria Alexander Alexander, Gloria Instructor's Aide
Dana Birkhead Birkhead, Dana 1st Grade Instructor
Teresa Bowman Bowman, Teresa MS Science Instructor
Andy Brannigan Brannigan, Andy Athletic Director
Samantha Brooks Brooks, Samantha AIM Instructor/Finance
Melissa Brown Brown, Melissa AIM Instructor
Camden Bryant Bryant, Camden
Kristen Bush Bush, Kristen HS Math Instructor
Alicia Carpenter Carpenter, Alicia MS Science Instructor
North Hills Christian School Christian School, North Hills
Susan Colosanti Colosanti, Susan Instructor's Aide
Vivian Connor Connor, Vivian
Mindy Daniel Daniel, Mindy Marketing and Communications Assistant
Kellie Doan Doan, Kellie After School Care Worker
Jamye Duncan Duncan, Jamye HS English Instructor
Nicole Eagle Eagle, Nicole Director of Advancement
Calli English English, Calli
Melodie Fleming Fleming, Melodie MS Logic Instructor
Molly Frost Frost, Molly CNA/Secretary
Molly Frost Frost, Molly
Angela Galloway Galloway, Angela 4th Grade Instructor
Dawn Gilland Gilland, Dawn MS English Instructor
Ashley Grubb Grubb, Ashley
Annette Gurley Gurley, Annette 1st Grade Instructor
Sabrina Harper Harper, Sabrina
Sonja Hartung Hartung, Sonja
Mary Hochstetler Hochstetler, Mary Stay at home mom
James Howe Howe, James Band Instructor
Haley Hunsucker Hunsucker, Haley
Leslie Hunsucker Hunsucker, Leslie 5th Grade Instructor
Bradley Hunt Hunt, Bradley
Jodi Hunt Hunt, Jodi Kindergarten Instructor
Natalie Jester Jester, Natalie Art Instructor
Jill Jones Jones, Jill Instructor's Aide
Mark Kreiss Kreiss, Mark HS History Instructor
Christina Laurie Laurie, Christina
Melissa Loveless Loveless, Melissa Director of Marketing and Communications
Maria Lowder Lowder, Maria Executive Director
MacKenzie Malz Malz, MacKenzie
Gwen Matthews Matthews, Gwen Drama Instructor
Constance McGrail McGrail, Constance HS Math Instructor
Linzie McInnis McInnis, Linzie
Anabel Melgar Melgar, Anabel
Teresa Miller Miller, Teresa Instructor's Aide/Lower School Secretary
Jeannie Ogg Ogg, Jeannie Recruitment & Retention Director
Klara Ogg Ogg, Klara
Michael Owens Owens, Michael Art Instructor
Sonya Parrish Parrish, Sonya Receptionist
Kay Paul Paul, Kay HS English Instructor
Kimberly Pittard Pittard, Kimberly Accountant
Doris Plummer Plummer, Doris AIM Director
Aimee Rabon Rabon, Aimee AIM Instructor
Stacey Rogers Rogers, Stacey teacher
Dana Rollins Rollins, Dana Spritual Life Director and Bible Instructor
Kristen Sabia Sabia, Kristen Lower School Principal
Kathy Sanders Sanders, Kathy MS Math Instructor
Kristen Sharp Sharp, Kristen Teacher
Cher Shue Shue, Cher Jr. Kindergarten Instructor
Shameka Smith Smith, Shameka MS Bible Instructor
Stacey Teague Teague, Stacey 2nd Grade Instructor
Michael Templeton Templeton, Michael Guidance Counselor/HS Instructor
Suzanne Thibodeau Thibodeau, Suzanne Executive Assistant
Shanon Vickers Vickers, Shanon MS History Instructor/Lead Instructor
Kristi Ward Ward, Kristi Kindergarten Instructor
Matthew Ward Ward, Matthew Maintenance/Technology Director
Matthew Weaver Weaver, Matthew Upper School Principal
Judy Wellmon Wellmon, Judy AIM Instructor
Eric West West, Eric PE Instructor
Christy Wilson Wilson, Christy 3rd Grade Instructor
Susan Wilson Wilson, Susan Music/MS Chorus Instructor
Kristie Wooten Wooten, Kristie Lower School Bible Coordinator
Jessica Wright Wright, Jessica
Robyn Zickmund Zickmund, Robyn ESL Tutor
Robyn Zickmund Zickmund, Robyn